What airport should I fly in to?

You want to fly to San Jose International airport (SJO), where a driver will be waiting outside the airport for your arrival and drive you to Dominical. The drive between San Jose and Dominical is about 3 hours.

You can also take an additional 30 minutes flight from San Jose Airport to the Quepos Airport, where a driver will pick you up and take you to Dominical approximately 20 minutes.

You can book your flight to Quepos on the small planes from either, ‘Sansa’ or ‘Nature Air’ airlines. Sansa is often easier, since they fly out of the San Jose International Airport. Nature Air operates out of a regional airport a short taxi ride away. Rates average around $50-$90 per person, each way, depending on the season.

The guests are responsible to book ALL flights, international and domestic, and a copy of the itinerary must be emailed to us prior to complete your reservation with Dominical Waverider surf camp.


Do I need a special visa?

All visitors are required to have a passport valid for at least six months before the dates of the trip.


Do I need any special vaccines?

You will need a yellow fever vaccination card if you are coming from South America, Africa or French Guyana (Caribbean). Make sure your shot is up to date.


Should I exchange money at the airport?

If you are bringing American dollars, NO need to exchange money; because American dollar is widely accepted throughout Costa Rica. The local currency is called Colons (in Spanish collones). Make sure to have small bills when you arrive, sometimes it can be hard to get change for $100 bills.

If you do need to exchange money at the airport, we suggest to take money for your first day(s) only. The exchange rate is very bad at the airport and they also charge an extra $20.00 just to provide the service. There is also an ATM upstairs at the airport.

Dominical has a bank and ATM walking distance from town.


Do I need an adapter for my electronic devices?

If your devices are from Brazil, Australia or Europe, you will need an adapter. The electricity outlets are the same as in the United States (110v).


What should I bring?

For clothing, think of sunshine, summer and beach days! With that said, you could easily live for a week with: Bikinis, Boardshorts, Flip-flops, Light T-shirts, Dresses, Hat and Sunglasses. On the green season, expect rain showers in the evenings, a light rain jacket is helpful.

We do have a packing list we recommend:

  • Sunscreen 30fps minimun
  • Bug Repellent
  • Photo Camera
  • Hiking shoes or tennis shoes that you don’t care to get wet
  • Small flashlight
  • Beach towel (you could also buy a souvenir towel here)
  • Extra $29pp to pay to airport departure tax (cash or visa only)
  • Tips for your service providers are appreciated and are optional
  • Rain Jacket (For sure: August-October. Optional: May-July)
  • Credit Card (visa, mastercard, amex)
  • Copy of your passport photo and expiration page


Can I keep the surfboard to use on my own time?

The surfboards are provided for use during surf lessons, however if you are doing a week surf camp with DWR and the surf conditions and tides are favorable for you to practice on your own, we will let you use the surfboard. You are full responsible to pay for lost or any damage that you might cause to the equipment on your free time.

For walk in surf lessons, to minimize our equipment loss and damage we do not rent them out after class. If you would like to surf after class, you will need to rent a board from a surf shop in town. Surfboards rentals cost about $10-20 per day to rent.