Surf Camp Dominical, Yoga Surf Dominical
At Dominical Waverider Surf Camp we empower chicas of all ages to push their limits, boost their confidence and charge at one of the world’s best surf spots, Playa Dominical Costa Rica.

Playa Dominical has plenty of surf divas dominating the lineup and it’s something we are very proud of. When young women set out to find a premier surf camp or yoga surf camp retreat in Costa Rica they are looking for like-minded women, mentors and certified instructors for younger girls who are learning to surf and an environment that is welcoming to all levels and styles of surfers! Look no further than Dominical Waverider Surf Camp. So, how will we teach you to Surf Like a Girl?

Surf Camp Dominical, Yoga Surf Dominical

Step 1: Master the Basics with Certified Coaches.

Dominical Girls Surf Camp, Girls Surf Costa Rica

The best way to learn to surf is to hit the beach with a certified surf instructor in Dominical. Surfing for women is on the rise and here at Dominical Waverider you can surf with one of the best, our female head instructor Jeanine, who has traveled the world and trained a number of surfistas. Check Namaste Ride Package designed specifically for women of all ages and surfing abilities who want to learn to surf in Dominical Costa Rica!

Step 2: Continue Learning & Stay Inspired!

If you want to surf like a girl, take a few tips from the pros! Surfer Camille Brady says, “The beauty and grace women carry while surfing is undeniable,” and Pro-surfer Lauren Blickley agrees, explaining that there’s nothing wrong with “surfing like a girl.

After clinching her third World Surf League title last month, Carissa Moore talks about self-acceptance, confidence and what she wants for every woman in 2016! Click on this image of Carissa getting shacked to read the full article:


IMAGE CREDIT: © WSL / Poullenot

Bethany Hamilton is another pro providing major inspiration for all women athletes. Bethany’s passion goes beyond her own surfing and she’s now launched a campaign to inspire young girls to excel in surfing and to #SurfLikeAGirl. She reminds us that despite societal perceptions, surf chicks are as brave and fearless as their male counterparts in this trailer for her upcoming film.

If you want to help inspire your grom this year check out the surf magazine Surf Girl which depicts surfers in action, feeling empowered and having fun of course.

Step 3: Champion Others & Make #LikeAGirl Mean Amazing Things

Being a woman athlete means championing for all women! Having a mentor and surf coach can be key in excelling as a surfer. Check out this cute video of us introducing surfing to the new generation of groms in Dominical!

Girls Surf Camp Costa Rica, Girls Surf Lessons Dominical

In this sport, there is a trend for teenage girls to start dropping out while boys stick with it much longer. Dominical Waverider has engaged with Chicas Con Proposito to change this trend. Chicas Con Proposito is a project to empower young girls in the ‪Dominical‬ community through surfing. If you will be in Dominical at the end of January, a happy hour fundraiser for Chicas Con Proposito is scheduled on the 29th. Get the scoop here.

If you haven’t seen how this awesome campaign inspiring young girls and women to persevere in the world of sports started, then you’ve got to check it out. Bottom line is that when young girls participate in sports they do better in school, learn the values of teamwork and goal-setting, and reduce the stress from pressures of life.

As the campaign says… let’s make #LikeAGirl mean AMAZING things!

Pura Vida!