Dominical Surf Vacation
The ultimate Costa Rica surf vacation involves much more than long stretches of sandy beaches, relaxing in hammocks and rainforest adventures, though those are certainly worthy reasons to visit this beautiful country. For this Costa Rica Surf Camp, we make sure you experience Costa Rica in a way that few are lucky enough to encounter.

At Dominical Waverider Surf Camp, we know you are a traveler, not a tourist, and like us you love the experience of it all. You like to explore the off-beaten path, rappel into waterfalls and discover incredible breaks where, for miles upon miles, it’s just you and the dolphins sharing the never-ending waves.

Dominical Surf Camp, Dominical Surf Lesson

Families, backpackers and surfers all flock to Dominical, Costa Rica to immerse themselves in the lush jungle landscapes, the culture and the delicious cuisine – all in one of the happiest countries on earth – where friendly locals will greet you with a “Pura Vida” and a smile. From the uncrowded beaches where 82-degree water laps at your feet to the lush rainforest canopy full of white-faced monkeys and souring toucans, here are 10 reasons why Dominical Waverider will make your Costa Rican vacation a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget!

1. Waves All Year Long

One of the best things about surfing in Dominical is knowing that you’ll score waves ALL YEAR LONG. We are truly spoiled in this laid-back surf-town, where every day is the perfect day to paddle out. Plan your visit to surf Playa Dominical in January, June or November and you’ll be stoked.

2. Safety First: Our Super Certified Staff

At Domincial Waverider your safety is our top priority. Our instructors are certified lifeguards, fluent English speakers and trained in CPR and First Aid. Our ocean-safety skills are second to none! (If you want to check up on the staff see our 100+ 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor).

3. Uncrowded Jaw-Dropping Beaches

Have you ever seen a photo of a popular surf break in Malibu? Well, imagine exactly the opposite because our instructors will take you to uncrowded beaches where you’ll receive their undivided attention as you ride wave after wave after wave, minus the crowd.

4. Rainforests, Waterfalls & Jungles

Even though the waves never end, we’ll trek into the Costa Rican rainforest with you for a new and thrilling adventure each day. So what will it be? Rappel into a waterfall, soar above the jungle canopy on a zip-line or raft down the rapids – this trip is sure to delight the thrill seeker in everyone!

5. No Nonsense Transportation

Dominical Waverider handles the round trip transportation so there’s no need to lug your surf bag onto a crowded public bus or miss a day of waves while visiting every bus stop along the Costanera! Instead, you’ll be greeted promptly at the airport and delivered directly to paradise. (But if you want to stop for a Pipa Fria we are game!)

6. Breakfast of Champions

We provide a delicious breakfast every morning so you can rip out there while staying hydrated and energized all day. The sheer number of superfruits growing in Costa Rica will blow your mind, and you’ll find them easily accessible at fruit stands, farmers’ markets or just be old-school and pull your fruit right off the tree.

7. Everything You Need Is Provided

The worst thing is being without much needed gear on a vacation where you want to make the most out of every second. Forget your rashguard? No problem. Need some snacks during your session? We’re on it. Want to try a different board? We’ve got plenty.

8. Private Drivers

Even the most adventurous traveler isn’t looking for their thrills on the highway. We will deal with the transportation logistics (to every beach and every activity) so you never have to pull out a map the size of your car, struggle finding the unmarked turnoffs or attempt to translate directions in a foreign language (in a country where addresses and road signs are a rare find!)

9. Lessons for Every Level

Dominical Waverider Surf Camp is ideal for beginner surfer lessons for those just learning to surf, but it’s also perfect for intermediate surfers looking to improve their skills and move into bigger waves. The constant and undivided attention of a professional Surf Coach is key to mastering the sport of surfing.

10. Evidence of your EPIC Experience

Don’t believe me? Just watch! Return home with more than fish stories. Show your family and friends how you stood up for the first time or rode the second-longest left pointbreak in the world with a professional surf photography CD. And of course you will depart Costa Rica with killer memories and most importantly a sweet Waverider t-shirt. Because let’s face it, after this vacation you will forever be part of our team! Pura Vida.