Family Surf Lesson Dominical, Group Surf Lesson Dominical
Surf schools are literally popping up everywhere these days. If you are searching for the perfect surf camp for girls or the best surf school in costa rica, you are sure to come across a ton of options.

So, what questions can you ask to make sure you sign up for the best surf retreat in Costa Rica? How do you know your beginner surfer will be in good hands?

Here are the 10 most important things to consider when choosing a surf camp.

Family Surf Lesson Dominical, Group Surf Lesson Dominical

Are your surf coaches certified in First Aid, Lifesaving, CPR or Emergency Medical Training?
Dominical Waverider surf camp is founded by a Californian lifeguard, who leads a team of highly trained and certified lifeguards and instructors who provide surf lessons geared toward all skill levels. Andrew is a member of the USLA – United States Lifesaving Association as well as the Asociacion Nacional Guardavidas Costa Rica. He is a trained Emergency Medical Technician and Wilderness Medical First Responder. An expert waterman, Andrew was the senior ocean lifeguard at Dominical Beach and has trained in swift-water rescue and dive rescue. Oh, and he’s trained in Cliff rescue. Bottom line is… the Dominical Waverider team is trained, certified and dedicated to making your vacation fun and safe!

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Do you cover ocean safety and surf basics before students get in the water?
At Dominical Waverider we take ocean safety and awareness seriously. To become a great surfer, you need to understand ocean tides and rip currents, where it’s best to enter and exit the ocean and you’ll also need some pointers on surfboard safety. Beginner surf lessons teach you how to control your surfboard in and out of the water, how to dismount from the board safely when you’re riding the wave, and how to keep space between you and the surfer next to you. We go over all the important tips and tricks you need to know before you get in the water.

What are your surf camp’s teaching methods?
Dominical Waverider’s Costa Rica surf camp offers both beginner and intermediate surf lessons that are open to all ages and levels. For our beginner surfers we start off with the basics of surfing and we’ll show you how to carry your board and attach the leash. We go over several important safety tips and paddling techniques while still on land. Then it’s time to charge the waves and have you standing up on your first lesson! We are pros at this and we’ve had tons of practice so you can expect our surf lessons to teach you the proper surfing etiquette and ocean safety knowledge while ensuring you are up and riding the never-ending waves of Dominical.

Does the surf camp provide all the equipment I need?
Here at Dominical Waverider we take care of everything so you can focus on surfing! We provide you with the equipment you need during your stay with us – a surfboard, rashguard, and we always bring fresh fruit and water for every session. You don’t even need to bribe someone to come and snap shots because we’ll send you home with a professional surf photography CD with all the highlights of your surfing experience!

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Is your surf camp a welcomed part of the community and how involved are you at the local beaches?
Dominical Waverider is a local business with a team made up of both “ticos” (locals/Costa Ricans) and “expats” from the US, Brazil and Argentina. We partner with other local business, we hire local lifeguards and instructors. We team up to sponsor local contests like the Dominical Semana Santa Classic by El Tubo Surf. Here we are in the picture above working with an amazing group of local surfistas from the community. Chicas Con Propositos helps get the local girls active in surfing! In a nutshell, we’ve been in the business long enough to establish fantastic relationships so we can offer the best vacation packages.

What is your ‘student-to-instructor’ ratio like so I know how much personal attention my grom will get with certified coaches?
Dominical Waverider specializes in personal attention! Our surf camp private lessons are the perfect choice to make sure you spend as much time in the water as you need to learn to surf. You’ll get the constant and undivided attention of a professional Surf Coach and Lifeguard throughout each session. Plus we will set you up to try any of our equipment held at the Dominical surf school. We want to make sure you get all the personal attention you need so we can schedule lessons any day of the week and any time all season! Contact us today to discuss your specific needs!

Do I need to worry about transportation?
Nope! We will handle all of your transportation logistics. That includes: to and from the airport, to all your surf lessons, to all of your tours and activities. You can literally just book your flight to Costa Rica and we will take care of all the other details for you! Private round-trip airport transportation is included in these packages.

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What surf spot choices do I have so that I can really experience Costa Rica to the fullest?
Costa Rica is a hugely popular surf destination worldwide. It’s no wonder that surfers of all levels and locals head to our tropical beaches, warm water, and good waves. Playa Dominical is nestled up against the lush jungles in the southern zone of Costa Rica, and it’s also home to one of the best beach breaks in the country. You can expect Dominical to deliver consistently with waves shoulder-high. In addition to the long beach break of Dominical, we also have point breaks nearby. If you head even further south along the Pacific you’ll find the legendary point break of Pavones. Our intermediate surfers should check out Dominical Waverider’s advanced surf tours – we can customize your trip to make sure you get the best out of your surfing time in Costa Rica. We have the local knowledge on swells, spots and even where is the right place to paddle out. Our professional instructors will be with you to give you the valuable tips you need to experience the best surfing spots in Costa Rica.

What are my accommodation options at your camp?
We have accommodation options for every surfer out there! Dominical Waverider Surf Camp offers several different accommodation options so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

What one-of-a-kind experiences can your surf camp offer me?
There is no way you can vacation in Playa Dominical or the surrounding southern zone of Costa Rica and not find at least 10 additional amazing activities you want to embark on. When you are surrounded by rain-forests teeming with monkeys and toucans you can’t help but want to zip-line through the canopy along side of them and let out your own jungle-call to rival that of our local howler monkeys. When you are surfing at the most pristine beaches with warm water lapping at your feet, you can’t help but imagine yourself snorkeling at Cano Island, where you’ll swim alongside huge sea turtles and brilliant colored fish through the turquoise waters. Well don’t worry – we already saw this coming and so we’ve created the Ultimate Ride surf vacation package. Not only will you be surfing every day in the least crowded and most beautiful beaches, you’ll also get to experience a new adventure DAILY! This means you can be getting barreled in Dominical in the manana and then rappelling down a picturesque waterfall in the afternoon. Choose from the Canopy Zip-line tour, Guided Hike at Hacienda Baru National Park, Reptile Park tour or Stand Up Paddle. We can arrange Horseback riding to Nayaca Waterfalls, Kayaking the Caves or Mangrove, White Water Rafting, Rappelling down waterfalls or Snorkeling at Cano Island.