Costa Rica Family Surf Vacation, Dominical Family Surf Vacation
Most parents will agree that their travel styles change after having a family, but they also discover that taking a surf trip family-style is tons of fun and even more rewarding than expected! Now more than ever, families are being bombarded with deadlines, technology overdose and the daily pressures of living very busy lives. This year, let us help you escape it all and instead spend an amazing week with your loved ones in the lush tropic rainforests of Dominical, Costa Rica where all you really need – waves, sunshine and fresh air – are waiting.

Costa Rica Family Surf Vacation, Dominical Family Surf Vacation

We meet lots of moms and dads who are experienced surfers and want to share their love of the ocean and this amazing sport with their little ones. For anyone who has ever watched a grommet catch their first wave, the excitement on their face is impossible to forget.

But even if you have never ridden a wave before and don’t consider yourself especially brave, you will never forget this family surf trip and the moments spent sharing new and adventurous experiences with your youngsters! Even if it’s only for a week, children thrive here in paradise, where the stress of daily routines wash away with each breaking wave.

Here are our top 5 reasons a family surf trip to Dominical Costa Rica is in order for 2016:

Reason #5: To Take a Break from the Routine

This year, your whole family will benefit from a serious break from the monotony and pressure of daily life by getting out of town. Avoid those unfulfilled ‘stay-cations’ and don’t fall for another 3-day-weekend tease. This year, your family will commit to a week of exploring new destinations, engaging in healthy activities, providing rich learning experiences for the young ones and refraining from doing a single chore during your surf trip to Dominical Costa Rica.

No cooking (unless this is a hobby you are passionate about!) – Make a point to expose your kids to new foods around the world. Costa Rican plates are super kid friendly – breakfast platters of tropical fruit, organic vegetables and salads, fresh grilled fish, and local like favorites like Ceviche and Gallo Pinto (a Costa Rican rice and beans dish).

No homework – Kids thrive in natural learning environments and there will be no shortage of interesting things to discover and learn in our piece of paradise. Our groms spend tons of time exploring, surfing, yelling, running through the sand, playing under the almond trees, calling up to the howler monkeys in the jungle canopies and enjoying fresh fruit willingly – like mouth-watering mangos directly from the tree.

Costa Rica Family Vacation, Dominical Family Surfing

Reason #4: To Watch Your Kids Learning New Things

Traveling is an awesome way to expose your kids to new places, people, and things. One trip abroad can change the way they view the whole world! One week spent on a family surf-trip can introduce a healthy lifestyle and sport that might stick with them for life.

New Culture – There is a reason tons of parents pick Costa Rica for their family vacation destination. Costa Rica is friendly country that serves as a perfect introduction to international travel. The ‘ticos’ (local Costa Rican’s) are very welcoming and love children. Teens especially benefit from a dose of “pura vida” where they can just chill out a bit! This is a culture of going with the flow – and we can all use a little more of it.

New Sport –  Life is an adventure, and this is especially true on a family vacation in Costa Rica. We bet their favorite part of the trip will be, you guessed it, the Surfing!  Science explains that not only is surfing an amazing whole body work-out, releasing natural feel good chemicals into the body, it can also create positive feelings mentally and boost your mood within just 30 mins of getting into the water. Who wouldn’t wish this for their littles!  Basically, it feels amazing to stand up on a wave and once your child has experienced this, we expect a wave-ridding future is in store.

Family Surf Trip, Family Surf Costa Rica

Reason #3: To be an AWESOME Role Model

Kid’s learn first and foremost from observing. You know that saying… “Do as I say, not as I do?” it never works! Kids want to do exactly what you do, because you are their role model of course.

Your Values – Be an awesome role model and show your children that you value family-time, that you put exercise and healthy eating atop your list of goals. When traveling, you model real-life problem solving and demonstrate that all-important trait of adaptability (anyone have a teen in need of this!?) which in turn helps them develop self-reliance and it even boosts their independence and self-confidence! To recap… how will you teach all these important lessons to your kids in one week? By going on a family surf trip with Dominical Waverider!

Your Actions – If you already have a love of surfing, kids will see you sticking with something you enjoy and making time in your life for happiness and passions. If you’ve never surfed a day in your life, your young ones will see firsthand that you have the courage to try new things, to get out of your comfort zone and to show that it’s okay for them to get out of theirs too. Goal-setting, appropriate risk-taking and overcoming fears are easily taught through the sport of surfing and are hugely valuable lessons throughout life.

Dominical Costa Rica Family Vacation, Family Vacation Costa Rica

Reason #2: To Create More Memories

Kids won’t be kids forever and this is why creating more memories is high on our list. The benefits of having your family enjoying beautiful locations together and riding waves with you to shore are colossal!

Memories Courtesy of Science – How is a memory created? The same part of the brain that’s in charge of processing our senses is also responsible, at least in part, for storing emotional memories. “The sensory cortex of the brain receives and interprets signals from our eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin”…think luscious jungles, expansive beaches, the smell of salty fresh air, the taste of tropical fruits and 80 degree waters lapping your skin – so it’s no wonder the summer months in Dominical, Costa Rica are full of families! Flocking beachside to try surfing for the first time and make more amazing memories!

Families have been coming to Dominical for surf vacations for decades. We have the perfect variety of waves to suit everyone in your fam, plus the added benefit of warm waters (80 degrees!) and picturesque landscapes seem to help too. Our prime beach for teaching boasts long rolling waves, a soft sandy bottom and waves that break in both directions so it’s super easy to catch a wave right next to your little ripper!

Beginners and experienced surfers alike can be at the same break. While you’re getting barreled in the line-up, look over to see your kiddos navigating the waves close to shore. Our surf instructors are excellent at getting the more experienced surfers out into challenging waves while groms rip it up in the shallow white-wash.

Memories Courtesy of Technology – Don’t worry, we won’t make your brains do all the work. Our professional photog will be snapping away to capture you and your family on your Costa Rican surf trip. You’ll head home with a CD full of all the digital memories you can handle – yes, even the one of you launching off the rope swing at the local waterfall. Oh, and that one of your kids grinning ear-to-ear as they watch Mom take off through the jungle canopy attached to a zip-line! And even a shot, or 20, like this one – because sporting our extremely fashionable matching rash-guards not only protects you from the sun, but it’s sure to bring a smile to your face come next Winter!

Family Surf Trip, Family Surf Costa Rica

Reason #1: To Connect as a Family

Connecting as a family is so easy to do in the warm waters of the tropics. It’s not so easy to do on the highway in rush-hour when you are already late and someone forget to bring something important! Take advantage of the time you have on your family surf trip to cultivate and strengthen bonds and quality time with each other. Just adding up the number of hours you’ll spend actually eating together on vacation, something we don’t get enough of at home, makes a huge difference in quality time over the course of the week.

Surf for the Soul – Surfing itself offers an amazing method of reconnecting and recharging your batteries. And there’s no one better to share that with than family (which might be why there’s so many surfing families like the Ho’s, the Andino’s, the Wright’s and the Moniz’). Surfers say there is nothing like passing on their passion for the ocean from one generation to the next. A family that surfs together stays together!

Dose of Nature –Dominical Waverider will arrange all the logistics of your trip so that you get to arrive into paradise and truly enjoy a dose of nature. If you’re an outdoorsy family, you already know the benefits of getting your brood off the beaten path. The natural beauty, the sunsets and peace, the charming small-town of our surfing hot-spot deliver the ultimate backdrop for an incredible family surf trip you will never forget!