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Happy New Year from all of your friends here at Dominical Waverider Surf Camp in beautiful Playa Dominical, Costa Rica. This last week we read a bunch of great New Year’s Resolutions lists, so we decided to hand pick the very best resolutions you can make for an amazing surf vacation in Costa Rica this 2016.

Pura Vida!

Experience the Combo!

Dominical Surf Camp, Surfing & Yoga

The combo of Surfing and Yoga in Costa Rica has become a popular one and there’s good reason why! It’s an experience that is perfect for beginner surfers, those taking lessons for the first time in Dominical Costa Rica, and also for experienced surfers. Practicing yoga will help you surf better at every level and you’ll likely discover the benefits of yoga don’t stop on the mat or in the water. Want to get started before your surf vacation? Here are 5 Yoga Poses Every Surfer Should Know by Get ready to feel amazing this 2016 and rip with the flexibility of a yogini!

Drink More Pipa Fria 


Okay, we could not have made an easier resolution to accomplish on your Dominical vacation in 2016 than this one. There is Pipa Fria all over the place in Playa Dominical and we recommend enjoying these superfruits daily. The benefits of Coconut Water are well known and here is a good overview to learn more:
Is Coconut Water Good For You?

Secure a Surf Coach 

Dominical Surf Camp
If you’ve been surfing for a while and want to up your skills, go where every professional surfer has gone… to the open arms of a surf coach. Our Costa Rica surf camp offers private lessons with a surf coach where you get the chance to spend as much time in the water as needed, while learning at your own pace. You will receive the constant and undivided attention of a professional Surf Coach and Lifeguard throughout each session. Plus you get to try out any of our equipment held at the Dominical surf school. Check out this article about Dominical’s super grom Sam for inspiration and resolve to secure a professional coach this year.

Switch to All-Natural Sunscreen 

Dominical Surf Retreat, Yoga & Surfing Costa Rica

Sun, salt and sea water can take a toll so consider giving your skin a break and switching to an all-natural sunscreen this year. Here in the southern zone of Costa Rica we tried them all and recommend these two local options for blocking harmful rays and no harm to the environment.

Surf Butter | JungleMama

Book Your Surf Vacation NOW! 

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If you are still deciding on what vacation to book in 2016, check out the 10 Ways Dominical Waverider Delivers the ULTIMATE Costa Rica Surf Vacation and get inspired! There isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t be surfing in Costa Rica this year. We offer several packages so you can pick the perfect vacation package in paradise. Choose from Surf Camp Packages, Group Surf Lessons in Costa Rica, Dominical Waverider Surf Camp, Private Surf Lesson in Dominical, Surfing & Yoga in Costa Rica or just contact us and we can design the vacation of your dreams!