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It’s that time of year again. February in Dominical Costa Rica is full of sun, surf and soul seekers as our small surfer town gears up to experience the once-a-year rush of Envision Festival goers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you haven’t heard of the Envision Festival hosted in our neighboring community of Uvita, it’s time you check it out:

To make the most out of your time in Costa Rica you’ve got to leave the festival or stay another week in Dominical! There are tons of awesome performances, speakers, yoga classes and workshops on grounds to keep you busy after the sun goes down, but while the sun is up we highly suggest you branch out and experience one of Mother Nature’s most truly awesome creations… the wave.

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Dominical Waverider Surf Camp is offering the ideal setup for those looking to be close to the action of Envision Fest without missing out on the surf in Dominical, Costa Rica area. Our Backpacker Ride Package is for travelers on a budget who want to explore nature and ride waves. And when we say “ride waves,” we mean you’ll get to experience that truly one-of-a-kind sensation that connects you with the ocean, that leaves you feeling breathless and paddling right back out for more. We’ve picked a few quotes to help you Envision yourself in the warm tropical waters of Dominical, surrounded by lush jungles, endless waves and maybe even a rainbow colored macaw or two flying overhead… what an experience!

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“Riding a wave is like a bird riding on the wind. You can feel nature’s energy in the waves as you catch it. You cut through the water and glide effortlessly. Sometimes it bends around you so you can ride inside. It’s almost a spiritual feeling of being closer to what made us.”
~Drew Brophy

“There’s no greater feeling than surfing and that feeling of being part of the ocean, really riding on top of the world. Surfing’s freedom, adventure and creativity rolled into one.”
~Annabel Candy

Dominical Surf Lessons, Dominical Surf Camp

“Surfing soothes me, it’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I’m on a wave.”
~Paul Walker

“When you’re on a wave, time ceases exist, and you’re in a such an intense combined state of euphoria, peace, presence and excitement that it’s something you have to return over and over again. Once you realize that, to live any other way would seem completely insane.”
~Srinivas Rao

So, as you migrate south this winter be sure to experience our amazing piece of paradise to the fullest.

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BACKPACKER RIDE PACKAGE INCLUDES: Private shuttle round trip transportation to San Jose or Quepos airport | 7 days/ 6 nights at Hotel or Hostel, steps from the beach | 5 days of professional surf lessons or advanced surf tour (2 hours duration) |Surfboard, rash guard, fresh fruit, and water for every surf session | Transportation to all activities included on this package | Guided sightseeing visits: Swim at a beautiful waterfall | Surf photos analyses | CD with professional photos of your surfing experience | Complimentary Dominical Waverider Hat.